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Future Leader

Are you a leader of tomorrow?

Are you an above average achiever and thinker, with either 2 or more years of work or formal university study experience and a career that is still developing?

Do you believe you have something to contribute to the society and this can be enhanced by developing your leadership skills?

Do you have a genuine interest in civic engagement and the desire to be proactive?

Are you ready to explore and challenge your own values, beliefs, philosophies and prejudices, and re-evaluate where you are and where you’re going?

Can you accept a time commitment of two full days per month, from February to November?

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Time Commitment

The direct time commitment for the program is 2 days a month for 10 months. It is likely that most of the sessions would be held during weekends, typically on Saturdays, with some sessions likely to be scheduled during weekday evenings.

Participants should plan on allocating up to 5 hours a month to complete projects and other assigned work. Assessment for this program will be based on projects, assignments and presentations. The total time commitment is estimated at 220 hours over a period of twelve (12) months.

The Diploma in Management or Graduate Certificate of Management requires 144 hours of direct contact and an equal number of hours for completing assignments, for a total of 288 hours.



Participants will be asked to contribute $500 towards the cost of the program. Participants will need to commit to this upon being confirmed as a participant of the program. A non-refundable deposit of $100 will be required from all successful applicants at the time of offer. The balance of $400 can be paid over the period of the program.

No individual is discouraged from applying for economic reasons. We invite all candidates to submit their applications, as all places are determined on merit.



There are a limited number of places in the program, and successful participants are Victorians who:

  • are 18 years of age or older
  • have diverse backgrounds
  • demonstrate leadership qualities in their daily lives
  • are above-average achievers and thinkers
  • ideally have some experience in the workforce
  • who are a permanent residents of Australia

Program Dates

Successful applicants of the 2013 will be advised on the program dates at the time of offer. Applicants should note that the 2013 program schedule requires participation in two full days (typically on a Saturday) per month with a minimum attendance requirement of 80% at all session events.


Information Sessions

Want to find out more about this amazing oppertunity? Come to our first information session taking place at the Ross House, 247 Flinders Lane on Saturday 7 July 2012, 3.30pm to 4.30pm.


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Applications for 2010

Applications for BAILP 2014 is now open.

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