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Field Visits

Field Visits

The classroom learning of these components will be enhanced via structured field visits. Following is a sample of organisations included in the program of field visits:

  • Places of worship
  • Political and civil institutions (State and Federal parliaments, Ministries, government Departments, Taxation office, Centrelink, Vicroads, Police: local, State, Federal)
  • Community Service Organisations
  • Financial Institutions (Islamic, conventional)
  • Farms, Factories
  • Hospitals and the healthcare system
  • Community cultural groups
  • Indigenous communities


Group Projects

Group Projects

To enable participants to apply their theoretical knowledge, participants will form in groups and elect a project that is beneficial to the community. Guidance will be provided from the initiation to the completion of the project.




As part of the program, students will be allocated to mentors from the industry and the community to observe and report on their activities. These placements will be structured and the participants will be required to complete certain tasks during this placement.


Reflective Practice and Journaling

Reflective Practice and journaling

As part of practical experience, participants are encouraged to reflect upon their leadership experience on a regular basis. Reflection will help them to establish a benchmark journal of where they are now; determine what they have learned from their leadership activities/experiences, and what they will do as a transformational leader in the future.

Participants of the 2009 program engaged with new media channels for outlet of reflective expression. Click here for access to the participant blog


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